Heather’s talk – Photography

Maybe I’ll start this post with some keywords – quality, experimentation, lighting. That’s what I think about when it comes to photography, and those are also some points mentioned by Heather in her lovely session.

blog2 ^ different perspectives

Quality is essential because it means that the image can then be blown up, zoomed in, edited etc. Proper photography, with quality, makes you look professional and it gives the idea that you know what you’re doing (if you don’t haha) and how to present your products properly. It means that you have some knowledge and skills on lighting, focus and also about the environment surrounding the object that you’re photographing.

When we photograph something, we can photograph it in several ways, but we have to keep in mind how we want the product to be seen, what is it about it that we want people to notice, who is it for? If we’re presenting a product to the public details are very important, so we must include close ups aswell as shots of the entire body of the product.

TIP – always photograph your work before you frame it or include it in any kind of packaging because the raw product is beautiful by itself too.  … and it’s easier to photograph it without any glass on top for example, because of the shadows and reflections that it can create.


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