Studio culture week – Aboud


Books. Lots of books.

This studio practice mainly focuses on fashion, branding and film/photography and it was completely different from the studio we visited in the morning. It was more of an organic studio, with books, paper, posters, and some kind of “arranged messiness”. Again, they work with different people from several fields to achieve one purpose: creating the best product for their client.

Aboud studio uses books as a resource, they prefer it over digital things because a) not everyone has access to them and b) its physical and you can touch it. They try to maintain a nice environment to work in, like an enjoyable place where people can look forward to go and do some work. They share roles in responsibilities and help each other out, it doesn’t matter if the chore belongs to someone in specific.

Although they work as designers, the employees have different backgrounds, like animation, printing, illustration and marketing. One thing that I find interesting is that they don’t have everyone they need working there. If a project needs some kind of skill that they’re not comfortable with, they have professionals working in different companies/areas that come and collaborate with them.

Their studio philosophy is “professionalism and consistency”, but Mr. Alan pointed out that there is no manifesto written for the studio’s way of working, they just have to use their creativity.


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