Studio culture week – Sainsburys

Our first studio visit was to Sainsbury’s head office in Holborn. It was a beautiful glass building and their facilities were very impressive. They were constructed in a way that allows easy communication between the workers, making them being ‘connected’ all the time while working in their personal desk. Therefore, communication is considered a key point in this studio/company and collaboration between different professionals is essential.


The graphic team is responsible for the creation of the website of Sainsbury’s and its phone apps too, making sure that the customer has the best experience they can get, and that the apps are easy and quick to use.

The team mentioned several interesting points:

  •  Their new studio adopted more group desks and not individual ones placed in lines, so that the interaction is easier and to give a more “design-ish”, more natural and creative vibe to the work environment.
  • It’s their job to understand what the client needs and what the company wants to do (their goals for the brand’s image).
  • They often work according to the question “What am I designing and whom am I designing for?”
  • Researching and testing is absolutely fundamental. It allows them to understand what and why they’re doing it.
  • All ideas start with sketches. There are lots of people working there who had an education in illustration, but the word they end up doing can change throughout the years, many of them ended up working in marketing, printing…
  • Sometimes they might take things too far on a project and start drifting away from the brief focal point, and that is okay. They just have to go back and make sure they are answering it properly.

The work they make is in constant progress. They keep changing, updating and improving a product, that is why the designers and researchers do everything together, because everyone, all elements, are needed.


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