Look mum no hands!


Our first brief is about investigating how a brand interacts with its audience through many different channels over the course of a day. We will be studying how it dramatises what it is all about and for that, we are meant to observe the branding made for “Look mum no hands” café in Old Street.

As part of our first brief, we had to visit this café/bike shop and record the important ‘brand touchpoints’ which pretty much are any interactions customers have with the brand: visual, physical, digital, experiential and everything around this shop.


Everything in the shop is completely bike themed and sports based, from the ceiling to the floor, in every way. Every detail for the branding of this café has been thought thoroughly and that shows in the success that the brand has.

One important fact that I want to point out is that the brand focused on one very specific group of people or “tribe”, producing all its products to this particularly type of customers, allowing them to be very “individually focused”. From the environment inside (warm and comfortable) to the products and services they sell (these can either be food, clothing or even bike fixing), everything is very much bike themed.



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