– Infographics –


This week (tuesday) we had to gather a certain amount of data for our Breakfast Unscrambled brief, so we could later turn the information collected into a series of Data Visualisation outcomes.

Friday afternoon we had a lecture with Ricardo, on how to create Infographics and graphs. After a brief presentation, we were asked to create a timeline of our journey to uni that morning. The first timeline was free style, and we could do whatever we wanted.

For the second timeline, we were given small instructions by Ricardo, telling us to draw/include specific things we’ve seen in our journey according to a time schedule.


Finally, after a break, our tutor asked us to write down a list of our top 10 favourite movies and add a percentage to each of them. After that task, we went to the computer room, to transform our data into visual data – a GRAPH; using Microsoft Excel (tree graph).

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.55.00 PM



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