Colour and branding


Just like language and type, colour could well be the main focus of our creative solution for when creating a brand.

Specifically for food products (since we are working with a food related brief), it might not be just a single┬ácolour that is important but a colour palette instead like “soft colours” or “neutral”.

Here are some design considerations when creating a logo:

  • Category norm (what exactly is the product? Coffee? Cereal? …)
  • Natural colour of the product
  • What you are offering
  • Using colour as a message (is it supposed to be healthy? Fun?)

When creating the packaging of our product we need to pay attention to the layout and what we decide to include in the front of the package. There needs to be some kind of hierarchy going on: Big elements grab more attention than medium and small ones.

The front of the package is what the customer sees first and therefore, how they will recognise the product on the shelves. The design and layout should be simple and straight forward for a better recognition.


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