Brand experience and window displays


Our 3rd and last brief for this term is directly related to our Breakfast Unscrambled brief. “Brand theatre” is all about either creating a brand experience (event), a window display for our breakfast brand or some merchandising to sell in the exhibition we’re planning on doing.



I’ve doing some research, both online and by walking around central London: Christmas time is a perfect period to gather some visual inspiration from all the shops, particularly in London. All the shops/brands seem to be having a “window” war, trying to be better than everyone else, which contributes to a richer and more amazing outcome.


“Brand experience” is also a viable way of getting your brand out there, and particularly for the customer, this is a more creative an interactive way to make your target audience engage and participate on whatever your brand has to offer.

Below are some pictures of what Coca-Cola does during christmas with their famous Coca-Cola truck, which has become a worldwide christmas symbol.

2011 Coca-Cola Christmas Truck (lorry)


(I do not own any of these images, they are just for inspirational purposes)


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