Work placement journal

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Last week, Ben, Samir and myself got a new brief for our work placement.

This new brief is divided by 3 parts:

  1.  NY PROMO VIDEO – We need to create a promotional video for London Met, more particularly for the Visual Communication cluster, featuring this year’s trip to New York, which was an achievement for the university.
  2. STUDENTS DATA – Knowing what our students do with their free time/how they study and work for briefs is something that the university is interested in. It’s our job to try to get this essential information from students and create an infographic.
  3.  NEW STUDENTS – Every year we get new students enrolling for level 4 Graphics and Illustration. We need to create something that will engage these new students with the university between the moment their are selected, around April, and when they start the course, in September.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.35.15 PM

As part of our work placement route, we need to create our own reflective diaries individually, expressing our struggles during the process, interesting briefs, works or projects, what we think of the work we are doing, how it helped us or not….

Although I have been writing it since November in a very raw document, now I’ve been working on a proper booklet to document all of this and present to Adrian in April.


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