Dissertation draft


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“All these examples of where to find autistic characteristics remote to the question that has been asked a few times in this dissertation: “Are autistic individuals that different from those who are considered normal?”. After writing about it and scrutinising so many facts and studies, it is fair to be argued that, deeper or more at the surface of the spectrum, we are all pretty much the same. Autistic and schizophrenic traits are found in what are considered ordinary individuals, without these being diagnosed with the condition, and some autistic people seem have a better maturity and awareness for certain matters. The spectrum is so broad that all individuals can fit in it somehow, whether their symptoms are visually and mentally clearer and stronger or a little milder.”


2 thoughts on “Dissertation draft

  1. Good luck with the finished thesis.
    Interesting topic.
    And I agree with you having worked with autistic people. The deviations from the norm aren’t always big, but the people who had major issues had issues with lots of things.


  2. If you look up Swiss Cottage School they have a research centre there. It’s one of the best in Europe on SEN and especially Autism. I worked on their brand identity and they briefed us on colours to use in their environment. Perhaps you could interview somebody there or find some research papers.


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