Empathy and Enterprise – Manifesto


Manifestos. A manifesto should be one of the most important components of a brand. It allows clients to read about what the brand stands for, whether they write about their morals, beliefs or just their goals as a brand.


My manifesto is about cultivating curiosity on customers. It talks about having an experience when buying a product, making yourself question “Why am I buying this? Why do I need it?”.  Manifestos are, in a way, a written opportunity for brands to be honest and upfront about who they are and what they sell (and for what purpose).


Instead of making it digitally and ready to upload on a website, I decided to do it manually and illustrate my manifesto, trying to capture the essence of my brand. The typeface was also carefully thought about, I wanted to make it look organic and simple which are two key words for my brand – House of Illustrology.


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