Work placement – the video & brainstorm

Today was the first deadline for one of our work placement projects – the NY promotional video. Me, Samir and Ben met up with Adrian to show our video and to have a bit of a brainstorm for our other projects.

The video was entirely made in the style of William Burroughs: the boys used several small clips and sound ‘interviews’ recorded in New York to create a 1 minute video based on repetition and cut ups of the footage gathered in the trip. Although Adrian seemed to be quite comfortable and pleased with what we presented, we still need to make some changes and edits on how the sound and image works together.


After presenting the video we started talking about our other two assignments and how we should present them. Samir mentioned an app or some kind of digital platform where alumni students (graduates) and current students could easily have access to employers looking for applicants or interns.  Ben presented his idea of an interactive box that new students could have before starting the academic year: something that would make them excited and interested for their upcoming course and that would be a good way to connect with tutors and other students too.

We have a lot of work to do and a lot to think about, good luck to us.


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