Branding touchpoints – A talk with Adrian

Branding touchpoints. It might sound uninteresting but we deal with these everyday without noticing it: by visiting a website, by buying a certain product or even just “liking” a picture on facebook.


(^ not my image)

Adrian mentioned a lot of things to do with “information” in this talk, and how we should use and display this DATA. Nowadays there is an “information overload” due to the high number of advertisements and brands trying to get their product out there and visible for the masses. When starting our own brand or company, we should be smart enough to get the right people and the right content at the right time, just like a clever marketing move.

We also talked about how DATA should be displayed and visualised by the public. Our tutor presented us a simple acronym (ASK) which stands for accurate – story – knowledge. This applies for the several types of graphs used in infographics and how different they can be, touching one or all of these points.


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