Work placement – infographic


This last week, Ben, Samir and myself have been working on an infographic showing some student DATA from the visual communication cluster. We want to include some “visual answers” to the following questions:

  • How do you get to uni?
  • How long do you take to get to uni?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Are you under a gov loan?
  • Do you work on uni related assignments at home?
  • Do you use uni’s facilities often?
  • Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?


We have been doing some research on this project and I particularly like how the RSA designs are illustrated so I tried to create something similar to that style but not as complicated and intricate (since we don’t have a lot of information to present anyways).

The boys had the lovely idea of making something animated in the style of “madebyradio” designs, which are completely clean and simple and very straight forward. We thought of having several icons representing each question and having them animated as the questions/answers change.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.32.41 AM


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