5 things that will get you through visual communication at The Cass

Design competition was a bit different today: we had a lecture with Ricardo about how to successfully write a blog and some things that we should keep in mind when presenting our posts to an audience/tutors. Following the talk, Ricardo divided the class in two groups and each one of the groups had to write a blog post about our course in about 20mins.

This is what we’ve come up with:

“Graphic designer, Illustrator, Artist, or Communicator? Whatever fits your style or inspires you, Sir John Cass Faculty of art provides the foremost state of the art platforms, facilities and skill-set to direct making  you a fore-runner in the Wider, ever growing design community. With a wide array of well established industry based lecturers and industry networking services, Sir John Cass Faculty of Art is.

Five things that get you through Visual Communication at the Cass:

  1. Stay Organised 
  2. Dont be scared of showing your work
  3. Always attend off class workshops 
  4. Challenge yourself creatively 
  5. Accept feedback and work with it

“Design is thing made visible”- Saul Bass”





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