House of Illustrology website


This past week I’ve been focusing on the making of my website. It’s a very fun process I must say, but also very tiring since every single detail must be thought of with maximum attention so everything looks concise and according to my brand’s visual concept.

Visit the website (still under construction) here:


I want the website to look quite minimalistic and monotone, but intricate at the same time, something that is definitely related to the way my work looks. I am thinking of using black, white and “earthy/dry” green as my main colours, and the illustrations are mainly black and white, so I think it works quite well together.



Now, the “products” page is where I’ve been having most difficulties because it won’t save my editing properly, showing unfinished outcomes like the title “add you business’ name here”, even though I’ve tried to change it several times. The typeface is not final either, so there are still some aspects that I’ve got to work with still! But overall, I think this was a very enjoyable experience.


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