I don’t like sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are beautiful ways to display ideas, thoughts and development but I don’t seem to get the hang of it. When getting a brief, I seem to instantly think of exactly what I want to do and even though I go through a process of development and experimentation, I do it all in the moment and mentally, forgetting to write it down so other people, especially tutors, know what I mean and what my creative process was.


(^ lovely example of what I can’t do)

This year I decided to do something different as a way of trying to find some other route to display my ideas (different from the usual black hardcover sketchbook) that would make me write all these things down more easily. If sketchbooks are just a compilation of our development, then it would be simpler to just compile all the little sketches, briefs, notes and random individual pieces of paper that I have everywhere and combine them all together into one finished booklet.

I’ve started to make these “sketchbooks” and binding them together, creating different coloured covers for each module and brief, and I think I’ve finally found a way of making myself showing development of my work.


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