Work placement – meeting up

As usual, every two weeks, our work placement group and the tutors in charge for this module  meet up to discuss how our projects for the university are going. Today myself and the boys had a long discussion with Matthew and Adrian over our last brief, which consists in creating some kind of physical or non-physical way of making new students engage with the university from the moment they are offered a place in January until they start their course at London Met in September.

Our initial idea was to have a “welcome box” where the students could unveil several pop up parts, including some goodies from the university like a sketchbook to start their journey and a USB stick with some vital information about the course they’ve enrolled.

As it was discussed last time we had a meeting all together, this would be a bit too much to bare in what comes to costing and shipping so we tried to change the concept a little bit more to make it more affordable and hassle-free: a mini (A6) leaflet where the main focus would be some QR codes that would make the pages come alive.

We thought of having a concept like this (layout idea – image not related to the practice):


The spread would open in the middle and once opened, there would be a section for graphic design on the right and illustration on the left, so the students know that even though they are different courses, they work together as a cluster of visual communication. On the centre of the leaflet would be a QR code that students could scan using their phones and engage in a digitally interactive journey.


We also wanted to make the envelope look interesting, instead of having a dull piece of paper. We thought of writing the name of the campus where the students would have their classes at  and the date of the first day of classes.

This project was discussed with the tutors and even though they quite liked the idea, it was mentioned by Adrian that there is something missing, something more exciting and engaging for the students, that would make them want to stay and choose London Metropolitan University for the next 3 years of their education. After presenting our initial idea, we had an hour long brainstorm which gave us several new ideas.


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