2 thoughts on “House of Illustrology Logo

  1. (Not that you should feel obliged to regard my comment whatsoever but,) I agree with your choice of the first “House of Illustrology” font. It’s definitely a personal preference, but I think sans-serif fonts as titles generally look more clean and legible from afar.

    Also, I really like your beetle logo! That image was actually what prompted me to visit this post in the first place. Although I respect your decision to re-brand, I don’t know if you ought to completely eliminate the possibility of having something visual/graphic/illustrative as part of your logo. From what I can see here, you have a good eye for composition and for combining image and text 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for that comment, it’s so lovely to get someone else’s opinion about my work! Do you think the beetle design works? I might go back to including some of its traits to the new design! 😀


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