Work placement – Buddy System

The idea is pretty simple: Connecting offer holders to students that are already studying at LondonMet and know how the course works. Starting a degree course can be quite scary and new students don’t usually know what to expect from it when they start their education in September. Our goal is to make a conversation start among new and current students in the hope of making them more comfortable and informed about projects, briefs, studios and general work from those who are doing this right now.

Getting this information in the 1st person is an easier way for new students to connect with the university since once they know someone here who is ready to support, help and answer their questions, they will more likely choose London Met straight away instead of a university where they have no connections.

How would we do it?

This buddying project would be integrated in the ME app that Ben and Samir are creating, where a current student (1st, 2nd or 3rd year) would be assigned to a new student in order to help them during summer and for the first months of university.


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