Book are the most special thing ever placed on earth. Well, that and dogs.

I’ve always obsessed with having as many books as I could and now I am proud to say that I have a little (big) collection of them. They are a great source of knowledge, stories and inspiration. I must admit that I’ve bought most of my books purely for either their cover artwork, pretty fonts or any illustrations inside. From 99p books from Oxfam (like the beautiful pocket edition one of one of Beatrix Potter’s stories) to the newest botanical illustration ones, they are all precious and contribute to my inspirational process as an illustrator.

One of my favourite books ever is “The origin of species” by Charles Darwin, which has no illustrations inside, but funnily enough I find it quite entertaining and definitely helps me construct my next illustrative composition.

Books are awesome. Just thought I’d give them a little shoutout.



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