Product photography

Product photography is something that I’ve always been interested in. Not by that name, but I have always liked to create little “environments” and background so that the product I’m photographing can tell a story and, of course, have some kind of context.


Here are some tips of what I believe are the key points for a good photograph of your object:

  1. Lighting. Now, I believe you can take a good photo no matter what your environment is (unless you’re in complete darkness..that might not be a good idea). Bright natural light is always a plus so that the contrast of the product is set on high for that extra sharp look. If your light is yellow and dull, try to change the photograph to black and white and play with the levels!
  2. Camera. Nowadays you can pretty much be a photographer at a wedding with a phone BUT nothing is better than a proper DLSR camera (Nikon, yay!). These cameras have a good eye for detail and sharpness, which makes the photo look good, quality wise.

3. Detail and perspectives. When photographing your product, make sure you capture it in more than one perspective (sides, front, artistic poses…be creative!). I also give a lot of importance to detail, that’s what makes the whole. Including close up shots of the product is always a plus for it allows the customer/viewer to really understand what’s going on.

4. Environment. This is probably my favourite part, and the funnest for sure. No matter what you’re photographing, make it look beautiful by preparing or choosing a good background or scenery for it. White background shots are important so you can focus on the product but a scenery will bring it to life.



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